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Minnesota School Districts Working for Equitable, Adequate and Sustainable Education Funding.

Education News 

Rising special ed cases are huge cost to Minnesota schools
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 3/3/13 

Anti-bullying bill makes MN Capitol debut
MPR - 2/28/13 

Educators argue for statewide all-day kindergarten
Session Daily - 2/28/13 

Sequester Spells Uncertainty For Many Public Schools
MPR - 2/27/13 

Funding formulas are unfair, argue some schools
Session Daily - 2/27/13 

Schools seek flexibility for compensatory revenue use
Session Daily - 2/27/13 

School officials turn down lawmakers' repayment offer
MPR - 2/27/13 

Minnesota schools prepare for tougher reading test
St. Paul  Pioneer Press - 2/26/13 

Minnesota bill would increase school drop-out age
WDAY 6 News - 2/26/13 

Meet the cross-subsidy, an increasingly painful way to pay for special ed
MinnPost - 2/15/13 

Al Franken urges Minnesota educators to support teacher bill
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 2/23/13 

Governor’s school aid increase viewed as helpful, but not enough
Session Daily - 2/21/13 

Labor Day school start debate resurfaces in 

Session Daily - 2/21/13

Minnesota's 'Think Big' effort aims to produce 'World’s Best/Smartest Workforce'
MinnPost - 2/20/13 

Minnesota Legislature: Bill seeks to repeal year-old teacher skills exam
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 2/19/13 

Lawmakers take first look at Dayton's school funding plan
MPR - 2/19/13 

House scrutinizes governor’s school budget bill
Session Daily - 2/19/13 

School integration supporters pitch revamped aid plan
Session Daily - 2/14/13 

Minnesota lawmakers get education budget details
Star Tribune - 2/14/13 

After-school, alternative programs could get more aid
Session Daily - 2/13/13 

School shift seen differently by House members, school leaders
Session Daily - 2/12/13 

Starting Line: For schools, no free lunch -- but increased reimbursements
Session Daily - 2/11/13 

Recovery school programs seek aid increase
Session Daily - 2/6/13 

Legislature to consider funding more free school lunches
MPR - 2/5/13 

Legislators, mental health advocates seek help to prevent violence
Start Tribune - 2/3/13 

Options sought for school-linked mental health care
Session Daily - 1/31/13 

Charter-school kudos — and a wish list
MinnPost - 1/29/13 

HF 1's symbolism is great — but give us real funding reform, school advocates say
MinnPost - 1/21/13

Students need better prep for college, ed. leaders say
Session Daily - 1/17/13 

Education website offers wealth of school data
Session Daily - 1/16/13 

Will longer school year help or hurt US students?
MPR - 1/13/13 

Study: Open enrollment increasing racial segregation in Twin Cities schools
MPR - 1/11/13 

First bills target schools, taxes
Politics in Minnesota - 1/11/13 

Improvements needed, but Minnesota school reform efforts don’t deserve a D
Home Town Source - 1/9/13 

DFL Senate priorities revealed in early bills
MPR 1/9/13 

Who is Michelle Rhee and why do we care what she thinks about Minnesota schools?
MPR News Cut Blog - 1/8/13 

1st Minnesota House bills on school IOUs, property tax
Grand Forks Herald - 1/8/13 

Minnesota gets 'D' for its school reforms
Star Tribune - 1/7/13 

2013 Legislature: It's the DFL's show, so what will they do?
Pioneer Press - 1/5/13 

School funding through property tax 'unfair,' key DFL leader says
MPR - 12/24/12 

Focus on education programs that deliver results
Opinon Piece by Alice Seagren
StarTribune - 12/11/12

American 4th Graders Among Top Readers in Global Study
Education Week - 12/11/12 

Report: Minnesota students above average
MPR - 12/11/12 

Few would likely mourn an end to Minnesota's high-school exit tests
MinnPost - 12/6/12 

Our View: Balancing education budget a much-needed 'Minnesota Miracle' - 12/3/12 

Task force recommends revamping state education funding
MPR - 11/28/12 

Task force recommends dropping [Math] grad exams
TimesUnion - 11/27/12 

Education-equalization proposal to go before state task force
MinnPost - 11/27/12 

Republicans worry DFL leaders lack rural credentials
Capitol Chatter - 11/26/12 

Minnesota educators push to end high-stakes math exam
Star Tribune - 11/26/12 

[House] New majority lays out committee structure
Session Daily - 11/16/12 

Senate DFL releases committee structure    
Capitol View - 11/14/12 

Minn. voters approve most school levy requests
MPR - 11/7/12 

State's trend of growing charter school enrollment reflected across country
MPR - 11/14/12

School Levy Results - From the Minnesota School Board Association

40 school districts go to the ballot for levy approval
MPR - 11/5/12 

Prickly debate over contours of Minn. teacher evaluations
MPR - 10/5/12 

Educators concerned about school funding
The Post Review - 10/4/12 

Rep. Pat Garofalo on the future of charter schools in Minnesota

Statewide task force wants to improve school financing
Star Tribune - 10/3/12 

Minnesota hopes to avoid Chicago's pitfalls with teacher evaluations
MinnePost - 9/13/12 

Rep. Pat Garofalo on the future of charter schools in Minnesota
MinnPost - 10/4/12 

New School Year Brings More Cuts in State Funding for Schools
Center of Budget and Policy Priorities - 9/4/12 

DNR hires new manager to oversee school trust lands - 9/4/12 

High Performing Charter Schools:  Beating the Odds or Beating the Test?
By Rob Lavine, Campaign for America's Future
BeyondChron - 9/4/12

Minnesota schools, cities, counties reap refinancing windfall
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 9/3/12 

Fewer school districts seek levy referendums this year
MPR - 8/29/12 

Minnesota's students lead nation on ACT test
Kare11 - 8/22/12 

The STEM work force: An imperative for America’s future
MinnPost - 8/14/12 

Schools see a tech revolution, but will students see results?
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 8/12/12 

Top state court rules campaign finance laws apply to schools
StarTribune - 8/11/12 

Fewer school referendums in November
Minneapolis StarTribune - 8/11/12 

Transplanted teachers waiting — and waiting — for alternative certification process to jell
MinnPost - 8/8/12 

New report suggests possible reasons for student proficiency deficit - 8/2/12 

New Jersey bullying law could be model for Minn
MPR - 8/2/12 

Minnesota student test scores on the upswing
Pioneer Press - 8/1/12 

Replace current law, recommends Minnesota task force on bullying
MPR - 7/30/12

BWCA land swap: Newspaper's all wet
Minneapolis Star Tribune Commentary by Tom Rukavina - 7/25/12

Minnesota: Many students fail math grad exam -- but still graduate
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 7/21/12

Minnesota's alternate path for aspiring teachers still is untraveled
Star Tribune - 7/8/12

Minnesota spends more than most states to educate each student
St. Paul Pioneer Press  - 7/1/12

In charter schools, a lesson in compromise
Is that a time long gone? Well, consider the stadium legislation.
Star Tribune Commentary - 6/23/12

For charter schools, mixed results at 20-year mark
MPR - 6/18/12

What does growth in MN charter public school enrollment, decline in district public school enrollment, mean?
Witn a response from SEE Superintendents Deb Henton of North Branch and Vern Koepp of Rush City
The Post Review - 6/14/12

With school out, teachers talk about burnout
MPR - 6/14/12

New Common Core standards changing U.S. education
MPR - 6/12/12

Why did Minnesota skip the math Common Core standards?
MPR - 6/12/12

Let 10th-graders spread their wings
The expanded Post-Secondary Enrollment Options law should be embraced.
Star Tribune Opinion: Terri Bonoff and Gen Olson - 6/7/12

Fraud, waste hijack tutoring program
Star Tribune - 6/4/12

20 years on, have charter schools met their goals?
Pioneer Press - 6/3/12

More Minn. children living in poverty
MPR / 6/2/12

Mike Ciresi on education equity: 'We're in it for the long term'
MinnPost - 5/30/12

Too many kids, too few counselors in nation's schools
Minnesota faces a shortage of school counselors and those who remain must work with more students than ever, according to the Minnesota Association of School Counselors.
Grand Forks Herald - 5/28/12

Most districts use the same bullying policy
Austin Post Bulletin - 5/26/12

Minnesota’s new rating of schools misses many excellent schools, but may help families & students
Home Town Source - 5/24/12

State's program a better measurement of Minn. schools, education official says
MPR - 5/22/12

Minnesota schools say farewell to No Child Left Behind
Star Tribune - 5/22/12

Editorial: A poor grade on education for lawmakers
Lawmakers didn't make much progress on education reform.
Star Tribune - 5/15/12

The 2012 Legislative session: What did they pass?
Explore bills by category, investigate which bills Gov. Dayton vetoed, and search by your legislators.
Minnpost - 5/14/12

CPR training required in high schools

The law will go into effect in Minnesota in 2014 for grades 7-12.
Minnesota Daily - 5/2/12

Minnesota Gov. Dayton signs bill to encourage more school revenue from forest trust
Gov. Mark Dayton late Saturday night signed into law legislation that changes how 2.5 million acres of state forestland is managed across northern Minnesota.
Duluth News Tribune - 4/30/12

Waiting for the governor’s final g
Session Weekly - 4/27/12

Trust lands reform progresses
Session Daily - 4/27/12

Minnesota Legislature OKs new oversight for state school trust lands
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 4/25/12

House passes omnibus education bill
Session Daily - 4/2/12

Minnesota House GOP passes bill repaying school aid
West Central Tribune - 4/2/12

GOP lawmakers square off with Dayton over education bills
MPR - 3/29/12

House and Senate GOP agree on deal to start paying back K12 shift
MPR - 3/28/12

Second omnibus education bill unveiled
Session Daily - 3/27/12

Teacher tenure bill may be unacceptable to Gov. Dayton
MPR - 3/26/12

Minn. lawmakers consider giving schools the option to start before Labor Day
MPR - 3/26/12

Minnesota Senate panel passes plan to pay some of state's debt to schools
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 3/20/12

House passes school trust land reform
House Session Daily - 3/19/12

State task force takes on school bullying
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 3/19/12

House GOP approves payment to schools
MPR - 3/16/12

Relief, but not much: How forecasted surplus will affect schools
MinnPost - 3/8/12

Compromise proposed on pre-Labor Day school start
Session Daily - 2/28/12

Help with transitioning from high school to work
Session Daily - 2/28/12

Minnesota legislator: Give Legacy Amendment money to schools
St, Paul Pioneer Press - 2/28/12

Minnesota teacher seniority bill: Senate opts for performance over tenure in layoffs
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 2/28/12

Twin Cities charter schools more segregated and underperforming, report says
MPR - 2/24/12

Overhaul of Minnesota school integration in limbo
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 2/24/12

School pilot program developed
House Session Daily - 2/23/12

Bill would extend Minnesota's prone restraint law until late 2013
MPR - 2/23/12

Minnesota bill passes requiring new teachers to pass test
Grand Forks Herald - 2/20/12

House votes to jettison teacher seniority system
Star Tribune - 2/16/12

Battle over what should be done with Minnesota school trust land begins
Grand Forks Herald - 2/14/12

Legislators propose to overhaul school trust lands management
Star Tribune Hot Dish - 2/13/12

Editorial: Scrap seniority-only teacher tenure law
Star Tribune - 2/12/12

Integration Task Force Recommendations
Two view points ---
Editorial: A positive grade for integration aid plan
Star Tribune - 2/12/12
A bad idea just keeps coming back
Katherine Kersten, Star Tribune 2/11/12

Concerns, praise over Minn.'s NCLB waiver
MPR - 2/9/12

Report: Minnesota among 10 states to get No Child waiver
MPR - 2/9/12

Bonding dollars sought for education projects
Session Daily - 2/8/12

State integration task force adopts plan to close achievement gap
Star Tribune - 2/7/12

Support turns to opposition on No Child Left Behind reform
Star Tribune - 2/7/12

How have Legacy funds helped arts education in Minnesota schools?
Daily Planet - 2/6/12

Bill: teacher evals overrule seniority in K-12 schools
A proposed bill would allow school districts to look at other factors when laying off teachers.
MNDaily - 2/6/12

Warfare between Dayton and GOP lawmakers threatens business community's agenda
MinnPost - 2/2/12

Battle to end teacher seniority in Minnesota begins
Start Tribune - 2/1/12

Last in, first out?
Discussing senority based teacher layoffs
Broadcast of Midmorning.  Guests are Professor Diane Ravitch from New York University, Tom Weber of MPR News, Tim Melton of Students First and Tom Dooher of Education Minnesota.

Teacher layoff practices debated
Session Daily - 1/31/11

Teacher seniority, NCLB top education issues in low-key legislative session
MPR - 1/30/12

Charter school funding contested
Session Daily - 1/24/12

Quality Counts 2012 - The Global Challenge:  Education in a Global World
Equipping U.S. Schools for the Global Fast Lane - Executive Summary
American educators take the measure of school systems in other nations and comb the data for clues to what will improve student achievement closer to home.
Education Week - 1/9/12

Demand there, but tech classes cut
Star Tribune - 1/3/12

Majority of Minnesota schools without teachers unions contracts
With no deadline and no penalty, districts and teachers unions have not been rushing to reach settlements.
Star Tribune - 1/3/12

The top 7 Minnesota education stories of 2011
MinnPost - 12/22/11

Cost vs. benefit steers debate over future of integration aid
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 12/20/11

PoliGraph: School funding delay claim on solid ground
"We've used school shifts over the years. This isn't the first time," he said. "But there's always been some ability to see ahead to pay back that school shift... This is the first time we've had a shift that goes on forever."
MPR - 12/7/11

Short on cash, school districts will borrow to meet expenses
MPR - 12/1/11

It's Education, Stupid (Not Taxes)
Huffington Post - 11/28/11

Super Committee's Failure Will Spur Hefty K-12 Cuts Without A Congressional Fix
Huffington Post - 11/23/11

Building up Minnesota school principals as leaders, through routine evaluations
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 11/21/11

'Income Achievement Gap' Almost Double Black-White Performance Gap, Report Shows
Huffington Post - 11/21/11

Achievement gap exists for kids even before kindergarten
MPR - 11/20/11

Minnesota applies for No Child Left Behind waiver
Minnpost - 11/15/11

Our View: Levy results offer many lessons - 11/14/11

2011 School Levy Results (SEE districts highlighted)
[Excel format] | [.pdf format]
Based on information from MSBA and the Secretary of State website

Levy voters send message to the Legislature
Minnpost - 11/9/11

Minnesota's national report card
Twin Cities Daily Planet - 11/6/11

Minnesota students losing ground to peers in other states
Star Tribune - 11/1/11

At polls, the biggest battles will be over school funding
Campaigns large and small are making grass-roots appeals ahead of a decade-high number of levy requests next week.
Star Tribune - 10/29/11

Accountability and the Achievement Gap
Daily Planet - 10/27/11

Stadiums vs. early childhood education: When do the kids get their turn?
By Art Rolnick, Published by MPR - 10/27/11

Minnesota's school-finance inequities have multiple causes
MinnPost - 10/18/11

Column: State education head explains AYP designations
Worthington Daily Globe - 10/4/11

Urban vs. suburban matters little when it comes to student test scores, Pioneer Press analysis finds
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 10/1/11

Nearly half of Minnesota schools on 'No Child' watch list
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 9/30/11

School ‘Reform’: A Failing Grade - Diane Ravitch reviews two books on school reform.
The New York Review of Books

Brenda Cassellius: It's startling to see legislators intrude into local school levy decisions
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 9/18/11

Leader fights school levies
SCTimes - 9/12/11

Accounting trick explains Minnesota schools' so-called 'windfall'
MinnPost - 9/8/11

School districts will count on levy referendums
Princeton Union-Eagle - 9/7/11

Why Are Finland's Schools Successful?
The country's achievements in education have other nations doing their homework - September, 2011

Brainerd district has plenty of company
Steve Razidlo: “It says a lot about the tough times that a lot of communities are in ...”
Brainerd Dispatch - 8/29/11

Minnesota rates at top of ACT results again
St. Cloud Times - 8/17/11

Minnesota lays out plans in letter seeking NCLB waiver
MinnPost / 8/17/11

Educators cheer Dayton's NCLB waiver move
MinnPost - 8/9/11

U.S. to grant waivers for No Child Left Behind
The Washington Post - 8/7/11

State budget problems keep squeezing Minn. schools
Associated Press - 8/6/11

Brad's Blog
Detailed and updated news from the Capitol
Brad Lundell - SEE Executive Director

Editorial: Legislature's K-12 grade is incomplete
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 7/30/11

Message to Minnesota educators: Glass is half empty and half full
MinnPost - 7/26/11

New Minnesota Teacher Evaluation Law
KAALtv - 7/25/11

K-12 education budget shifts costs to the future
Minnesota Budget Project - 7/21/11

Education finance bill gets passing grade from Legislature
Republicans call it a good bill for the state’s children, while DFLers say it is a poor way to balance the state’s budget.
Session Daily - 7/20/11

At a glance: Details of the budget bills
MPR - 7/20/11

State Education Rankings: The Best And Worst For Math And Science
In recently released rankings of how states' primary education systems are preparing students for careers in engineering, Massachusetts, Minnesota and New Jersey top the list.
HuffPost - 7/11/11

What's the budget fight about? $1.4 billion and much more
MPR - 7/11/11

Sharing administrators helps school districts save money
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 7/3/11

Shutdown ruling takes pressure off schools
Hort Dish Politics - 6/29/11

School Notes: Blend of technology, teaching, learning
Computers and technology should not be taught in isolation. This was a message shared during a meeting I attended with the Minnesota Department of Education.
Osakis Review - 6/22/11

Commentary:  Arts education delivers a good return on Minnesota's investment
MPR - 6/22/11

Why 'rainy-day' funds won't make up for budget cuts
MinnPost - 6/20/11

Planning for a Shutdown Webpage
Ongoing information of the impact of a possible government shutdown on K-12 education
Minnesota Deparment of Education

East metro schools eye 2011 ballot for levy requests
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 6/18/11

State funding should continue going to public schools
Princeton Union Eagle - 6/17/11

Minnesota needs to reclaim its education heritage
MPR - 6/15/11

As state delays aid, more Minnesota school districts may be forced to borrow cash
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 6/12/11

Metro School Board Members Voice Displeasure with Proposed K-12 Funding
Edina Patch - 6/9/11

Veto of education bill leaves school integration funding in limbo
MPR - 6/9/11

A tale of two visions: K-12 education - 6/6/11

Four-day school seeks produce negligible savings, report says
MinnPost - 6/6/11

PoliGraph: Lawmaker's education claim only partially correct
MPR - 6/3/11

Dayton acts on final batch of bills
MPR - 6/1/11

Governor Mark Dayton's education policy omnibus bill
Office of the Governor - 5/31/11

Minnesota school funding blueprint draw GOP leader Garofalo's scorn
Pioneer Press - 5/26/11

Stat's graduation exam scores flat
Pioneer Press - 5/25/11

House approves K-12 budget; veto likely
Star Tribune - 5/18/11

Conference agreement on K-12 Finance
Session Daily - 5/13/11

Details as the House and Senate Finalize K-12 Education Finance Bill
Brad's Blog - 5/10/11

Charter schools hurting public school enrollment
Sauk Centre Herald - 5/10/11

The High Cost of Low Teacher Salaries
The New York Times - 4/30/11

Opinion: Commissioner of Education has ideas worth exploring
Star News - 4/29/11

Jeb Bush touts Florida school reforms to Capitol's supportive GOP, skeptical DFL - 4/26/11

Why would Minnesota want to be like Florida?
MPR - 4/26/11

Minnesota Education Commissioner Cassellius urges changes to teacher license renewal process - 4/18/11

Editorials: Feds, state should pay more for special education - 4/13/11

Why faith in standardized testing industry is misplaced
The Washington Post - 4/11/11

Kline, Obama face off on fixing education law 
Rep. John Kline, chairman of the House Education and the Workforce Committee, wants to reform No Child Left Behind bit by bit, while the president seeks broad bill.
Star Tribune - 4/3/11

India Graduates Millions, but Too Few Are Fit to Hire
Wall Street Journal - 4/5/11

Grading schools, with payoff for those that earn an A
Schools would be graded A to F based on students' state test scores. Critics say the proposal isn't fair or accurate.
Star Tribune - 4/3/11

Editorial: Support teaching, but not status quo
Educators can be held more accountable without demonization.
Star Tribune - 4/3/11

Editorial: A mixed bag of education proposals
Governor, lawmakers shouldn't waste opportunity for reform.
Star Tribune - 4/2/11

In depth: House and Senate pass controversial school budget bills
St. Cloud Times - 4/2/11

State GOP passes sweeping education overhaul
The sweeping bill, which must also be passed by the Senate, faces a near certain veto by Gov. Mark Dayton.
Star Tribune - 3/30/11

Ratings could end tenure for Minnesota's teachers
Bill rewards - or bounces - teachers partly based on student test scores
Star Tribune - 3/28/11

Formidable group tapped to tackle Minnesota's education funding issues
MinnPost - 3/23/11

Education funding bill is packed with political dynamite
MinnPost - 3/22/11

Evaluating teachers: a moderate proposal
Pioneer Press Editorial - 3/20/11

Garofalo's surprise plan to kill integration school aid worries officials
MinnPost - 3/17/11

Dayton signs Minn. teacher license bill into law
MPR - 3/7/11

Who should manage school trust lands?
Session Daily - 2/22/11

Legislative Members Meet with School Districts in St. Michael-Albertville
Area representatives made their way to St. Michael-Albertville Middle School West for a meeting with local school district leaders and staff. The leading topic? Inequity in the state's pay system.
St. MIchael Patch - 2/14/11

Governor Mark Dayton's "Better Schools for a Better Minnesota" seven-point education reform plan.
Read press release







Budget News

Minnesota budget forecast shows smaller deficit
MPR - 2/28/13 

2013 February 28- February Forecast Summary
Minnesota Management & Budget - 2/28/13 

The federal budget fallout in Minnesota
Minnesota’s schools and children would be among the state’s biggest losers if automatic federal budget cuts take hold this week
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 2/24/13 

Why Minnesota's school funding shift is helpful
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 2/23/13 

Do tax increases kill jobs? Minn. soon to find out
AP - 2/13/13 

Legislators eager to parse Minn. budget bills
MPR - 2/11/13 

Budget 101: A graphic primer to Dayton's budget proposal
MinnPost - 1/31/13

Concerns about K-12 budget hint at debates to come
Session Daily - 1/29/13 

Dayton and GOP clash over fairness of tax plan
MPR - 1/29/13 

GOP gives Dayton budget a cold shoulder
MinnPost - 1/22/13

Cautious DFL lawmakers praise Dayton’s budget vision but demur on details
MinnPost - 1/22/13

Dayton's budget plan includes higher, spending
MPR - 1/22/12

Dayton’s eagerly awaited budget proposal touted as a ‘historical shift’
MinnPost - 1/11/13 

Tax reform on Legislature’s docket when it convenes Tuesday
Capitol Chatter - 1/7/13 

Money tops Minnesota legislative concerns
Duluth News Tribune - 1/8/13 

Consolidating power, Dems. at Capitol say budget is priority No. 1
MPR - 1/7/13 

Forecast eases pressures on DFL leadership
Politics in Minnesota - 12/7/12 

DFLers face pent-up demand for spending requests
MPR 11/16/12 

Minn. collects more taxes than expected
MPR - 10/10/12 

About that state 'surplus': It's really a mirage
Star Tribune - 9/29/12 

All things considered, Minnesota is about average
Minnesota Budget Project - 9/27/12 

A Failing Grade for a Failing Legislature
Schultz's Take Blog - 5/1/12

Tails tell the tale in the dispute over the Tax bill
MPR - 4/30/12

February Forecast shows $323 million surplus now, $1.1 billion shortfall in next biennium
Minnesota Budget Project - 2/29/12

DFLers call for payback of money borrowed from schools
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 2/27/12

Is Minnesota's ballot the right place to make state law?
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 2/26/12

Minnesota legislators’ political future can hang on tiny boundary changes
Minnpost - 2/21/12

New court plan pairs 46 incumbents in the Minnesota Legislature
MPR - 2/21/12

Why the big talk about small business is wrong
AP - 2/16/12

One likely unintended consequence of a supermajority amendment
Minnesota Budget Project - 2/8/12

Strong employment growth in U.S. and Minnesota
Examiner - 2/5/12

Minnesota's Fiscal Disparity tax redistribution explained
MPR - 2/2/12

Reform 2.0 -
Bullet Points on Reform 2.0 includes education initiatives
House Republican Priorities for the 2012 Session - 1/19/11

GOP debates supermajority to raise taxes
MPR - 1/14/12

Minnesota economy beating estimates, budget officials say
Lower unemployment means more is coming from the state income tax, especially in the last two months of 2011.
Star Tribune - 1/10/12
REPORT: January Economic Update Released - The offical report from Minnesota Management & Budget

Before you buy the story about Minnesota's high taxes, read this
Growth & Justice - 1/7/12

Dayton, state lawmakers want credit for budget surplus
MPR - 12/12/11

Surprise $876 million state surplus raises Capitol spirits
$876 million eases deficit fears but makes small dent as it must go to reserves, while schools are still owed.
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 12/2/11

Surplus offers hope for Minnesota schools and communities
Minnesota Budget Bites - 12/1/11

State may face new big deficit
Forecast could show gap of up to $1 billion, forcing a bruising budget battle.
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 11/30/11

State revenue and cash flow steady, but economic worries remain
Minnesota Budget Project - 11/12/11

Edward Lotterman: Minnesota's state budget: a reality check
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 7/29/11

Minnesota budget: A closer look at the deal to end the shutdown
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 7/24/11

Dayton signs budget, shutdown ends
Star Tribune - 7/20/11

'Tremendous amount of work' left on budget
MPR - 7/15/11

Dayton, GOP finally reach budget deal
Star Tribune - 7/15/11

Dayton says he'll accept K12 shift and tobacco borrowing
MPR - 7/14/11

Robling: ‘I am willing to raise some revenue’
Politics in Minnesota - 7/13/11

Lakeville's Legislators Talk About Minnesota's Shutdown
Area legislators were in Lakeville Wednesday and revealed that a "new model" for resolving the state's budget impasse is expected to be proposed by the legislature within 24 hours. What that means is still unclear.
Lakeville Patch - 7/13/11

More signs point to a lengthy siege
Star Tribune - 7/10/11

Schools likely to bear brunt of a budget fix
Star Tribune - 7/9/11

Shifts 101: What new proposals would mean for Minnesota's schools
MinnPost - 7/7/11

Dayton offers tax options; GOP says no
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 7/7/11

Governor's offer to Republicans
Scribd - 7/6/11

Delayed payments balances books, but burden schools
MPR- 7/6/11

'We do not have a deal'
MPR - 6/29/11

Shutdown ruling takes pressure off schools
Hort Dish Politics - 6/29/11

Judge Gearin’s Ruling a Loss for Gov. Dayton
Let Freedom Ring - 6/29/11

Court decides what goes, what stays in a state government shutdown
Minnesota Budget Bites - 6/29/11

Shutdown scorecard
MPR - 6/29/11

Reluctant judge will likely decide on Minnesota government operations in event of shutdown
Pioneer Press - 6/24/11

Shutdown funding explained
What the laws of the land say about keeping the lights on in the absence of appropriations.
Star Tribune - 6/23/11

Minnesota Senate makes the constitutional argument for shutting down pretty much everything
MinnePost - 6/23/11

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Dayton's new proposal to legislative leaders for compromise

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Dayton proposes tax hike, more education funding
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Dayton vetoes 'piecemeal' budget bill
Governor says it would result in property tax increases
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Minn. House passes $1 billion state budget cut
Cut higher ed, reduce mental health services, and state government
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How they voted

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Early budget reductions headed to House floor
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Committee approves plan to hold back spending
A House committee approved a plan to hold back $200 million in state spending, but a state official said it might be difficult to accomplish.
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Legislature plans quick action to extend unallotments - 1/19/11

70% of MN Jobs Will Require College by 2018