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SEE Business Partners
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Business partners boost SEE's efforts to ensure that all public school children have access to a high quality education regardless of where they live in Minnesota.

We encourage you to support these organizations and businesses.  A complete listing of the SEE business partners is below.  

SEE would like to recognize its Premier Business Partners.  

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Thank You to All SEE Business Partners

Architects, Engineers and Facilities

Company 1

Contact:  Bob Smith

Company 2 (Premier Member)

Contact:  Megan Wendt

Company 3

Contact:  Jackson Miller

Consulting and Public Relations

Captivate Media + Consulting 

Contact:  Jake Sturgis

Educational Programs and Services

Company 5 (Premier Member)

Contact:  Mason Wilke

Educational Service Cooperatives

Company 6

Contact:  Adam Kind

Company 7

Contact:  Jim Noyola

Facility Planners & Consulting Services


Contact:  Matt Helgerson

Company 9 (Premier Member)

Contact:  Isabella Valentini

Company 10

Contact:  Rachel MacKenzie

Special Education Cooperative

Company 11 (Premier Member)

Contact:  Samantha Cunningham

Company 12 (Premier Member)

Contact:  Alex Beltrand


ArvigArvig Business

Contact:  Ross Carter

Company 14 (Premier Member)

Contact:  Ken Larson

Company 15 (Premier Member)

Contact:  Kaitlin Wright