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Minnesota School Districts Working for Equitable, Adequate and Sustainable Education Funding.

No Child Left Behind Act

States offered more time to ignore education law

MPR - 8/30/13

No Child Left Behind education policy hangs on
MinnPost - 8/9/13

Concerns, praise over Minn.'s NCLB waiver
MPR - 2/9/12

Report: Minnesota among 10 states to get No Child waiver
MPR - 2/9/12

Support turns to opposition on No Child Left Behind reform
Star Tribune - 2/7/12

Minnesota's Proposed Accountability System
Minnesota has applied for a waiver from the NCLB requirements.  To obtain a waiver, Minnesota is moving from a single proficiency measurement to a Multiple Measurement Rating System.
MDE Presentation to Minnesota Senate Education Committee - January, 2012

Education: States should do more to reach students
Fox New - 1/31/12

Transparency Watch: How 'Public' is NCLB Waiver Judging?
Minnesota Public Radio got hold of its state's letter, and did a story seeking to illuminate what changes the state will have to make. For instance, the feds are concerned about Minnesota's reliance on "normative growth," rather than student growth needed to achieve proficiency; a possible lack of capacity to implement the sweeping plan; and a lack of incentives to improve achievement and narrow gaps among and between all groups of students.
Education Week - 1/9/11

House ESEA Draft Would Rein in Federal Accountability Rules
Education Week - 1/9/12

Kline releases draft bills to replace No Child Left Behind
MPR - 1/6/12