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School Reform

Seeking Answers on Phys. Ed. in Minnesota Schools
Seeking Answers on Phys. Ed. in Minnesota Schools
Seeking Answers on Phys. Ed. in Minnesota Schools
Seeking Answers on Phys. Ed. in Minnesota Schools

Summer is already over for some kids
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 7/5/14 

Minnesota changes the way it helps struggling schools

Minneapolis Star Tribune - 4/20/14

The School That Will Get You a Job
A new kind of education shows why four years of high school isn't enough
Time - 2/24/14

'Educare New Orleans' a poster program for closing the education gap
MinnPost - 2/17/14

MPR - 8/29/13

Keep on testing
Pioneer Press - 8/28/13

Minnesota test-results takeaway: 'Our kids did not get dumber overnight'
MinnPost - 8/27/13

University of Minnesota takes on state's school achievement gap: Goals include more teachers of color, more 'partnering'
Daily Planet - 8/23/13

Minnesota online testing glitches didn't affect students'scores, analysis finds
Pioneer Press - 8/22/13

The Fight Against Standardized Testing Is Spreading Across The Country
Mint Press News - 8/13/13

Get ready for 'disappointment,' political spin with new school-test results
MinnPost - 8/12/13

New Online Schools to Debut in Lakeville, Anoka-Hennepin
KSTP - 8/12/13

New Online Schools to Debut in Lakeville, Anoka-Hennepin
KSTP - 8/12/13

11 junk foods the govt. wants out of schools
MPR - 6/29/13 

For some Minnesota parents, standardized testing has reached its limits
Pioneer Press - 6/29/13 

Minn. moves ahead with some Common Core education standards
MPR - 6/7/13 

Minnesota's testing regimen not worth cost
Minneapolis Star Tribune - 4/23/13

Minnesota needs new student testing regimen
Star Tribune Commentary by Brenda Cassellius - 4/4/13 

Minnesota schools give standards-based grading system a closer look
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 3/28/13 

Teachers facing achievement gap try cross-race connections
MPR - 3/20/13

Minnesota schools prepare for tougher reading test
St. Paul  Pioneer Press - 2/26/13 

Will longer school year help or hurt US students?
MPR - 1/13/13 

Improvements needed, but Minnesota school reform efforts don’t deserve a D
Home Town Source - 1/9/13 

Who is Michelle Rhee and why do we care what she thinks about Minnesota schools?
MPR News Cut Blog - 1/8/13 

Minnesota gets 'D' for its school reforms
Star Tribune - 1/7/13 

Few would likely mourn an end to Minnesota's high-school exit tests
MinnPost - 12/6/12 

Minnesota educators push to end high-stakes math exam
Star Tribune - 11/26/12 

Minnesota hopes to avoid Chicago's pitfalls with teacher evaluations
MinnePost - 9/13/12 

Minnesota's alternate path for aspiring teachers still is untraveled
Star Tribune - 7/8/12

Minnesota’s new rating of schools misses many excellent schools, but may help families & students
Home Town Source - 5/24/12

Teacher Compensation Based on Effectiveness
The Harrison (CO) School District’sPay-for-Performance Plan
Thomas Fordham Institute

Mike Miles - March 2012

What Americans Keep Ignoring About Finland's School Success
The Alantic - 12/29/11 

Schools We Can Envy
Diane Ravitch reviews Finnish Lessons: What Can the World Learn from Educational Change in Finland? for the NY Review of Books

Minnesota Loses School Reform Mantle to Other States
Free Market Institute - 6/6/11

DPI: Students in Milwaukee voucher program didn't perform better in state tests
Wisconsin State Journal - 3/29/11

All Hands on Deck
Sixteen Ideas for Strengthening Minnesota's Workforce
Governor's Workforce Development Council - 12/2010
Contains only the portion of the report pertaining to Ensuring All High School Graduates are Ready for Success.
Entire Report 

Florida Education Reforms

NAEP Scores - Minnesota vs. Florida
Comparison of 4th and 8th grade reading and math test scores for both Minnesota and Florida -  Although FL 4th grade readers test better than MN 4th graders, all reading gains disappear by 8th grade,  The math scores of FL students significantly lag behind MN students at all grade levels.

Review of Florida Formula for Student Achievement: Lessons for the Nation
Reviews former Florida Governor Jeb Bush's education reforms.
National Education Policy Center - 6/30/2011

School ‘Reform’: A Failing Grade by Diane Ravitch
NYTimes - 9/29/11

Jeb Bush touts Florida school reforms to Capitol's supportive GOP, skeptical DFL
MinnPost - 4/26/11

Review of Closing the Racial Achievement Gap
Reviews The Heritage Foundation report on Closing the Racial Gap: Learning from Florida's Reforms
National Education Policy Center - 11/30/10

Closing the Racial Achievement Gap: Learning from Florida’s Reforms
The Heritage Foundation - 9/17/2010